- Weekends are for sushi and air con, I have discovered, but they are also for GameSetLinks, which is why this particular set have made an appearance.

Notable this time - silly-looking Bape Nintendo DS queuing, a new Archive.org virtual worlds video collection, as well as Dessgeega defining the curious genre of 'masocore games' (Mighty Jill Off pictured).

Anyhow, bravo for the self-flagellation, and onward to the links:

Twitch - BEN X Screening and Video Game Giveaway!
A Belgian movie that features (sleeper Xbox 360 title) Archlord prominently in the plot? Interesting... trailer is included.

JEANSNOW.NET — Bape Nintendo DS Sells Big
Hyperfashion Nigo fun meets Nintendo portable.

MALLORY by Leonard Richardson | Fiction | Futurismic
A short story referencing '...geek hackers and classic arcade games, electronic Darwinism and domestic espionage, venture capital and Valley-esque start-ups.' Some weirdass gamegeekiness embedded.

Internet Archive: Archiving Virtual Worlds
'The Virtual Worlds video archive is dedicated to the academic investigation and historical preservation of documentation of virtual worlds.'

Fanboy Supercuts, Obsessive Video Montages - Waxy.org
A couple of game-related ones in there - NES title screens and G-man appearances!

Crispy Gamer: 'On the Bright Side: Better Living Through Videogames'
'Blake Snow examines gaming benevolence and creative development twice monthly.' Cute column concept.

The Independent Gaming Source: Derek Yu's comments on Whirled
Three Rings' new online world construction thingie needs a closer look before you find out the neatness - but neatness there is, esp. in online infrastructure/payment!

MTV Multiplayer » Pixar Character Designer Talks ‘Assassin’s Creed’, ‘BioShock,’ And Games As Art
I feel like his Creed, BioShock immersion comments are totally valid from the 'average member of society who is not a gamer' perspective. Which is scary.

It Fit When I Was A Kid « Hardcasual
'[Some] indie games tend much more towards a referentiality that relies entirely on fair use and parody.'

auntie pixelante › masocore games
'in an age where game over is seen as undesirable, masocore games approach player death as a narrative technique.'