- So, welcome to the post-weekend, and this set of GameSetLinks concentrates on a wide diversity of randomness, including and not limited to the recent championships at the wonderful Pinball Hall Of Fame in Las Vegas.

Also in there, somewhere, somehow, is some sharp ramblings (oxymoron?) on 'intertextuality in games', as well as The Lost Ring ARG getting more publicity and some more travelogues from Italian arcades - one of the more diverse but more fun line-ups we've had recently. Enjoy:

One planet, under pinball - Las Vegas Sun
'In an increasingly divided and chaotic world, advocates pin their hopes on unifying, but waning, game.' Via Arcade Heroes.

Crummy.com: 'Intertextuality in Games'
'I love it when a game references another game.'

Blogging For Dollars: Calacanis explains how Denton rips off his writers with "best pay in the business"
More interesting discussions of pay structure at Gawker.

ASCII by Jason Scott: Scanning Infocom
Wow, Steve Meretzky has ASTOUNDING archives of the history of Infocom, I had no idea. Waiting for them to appear online, now...

WFMU's Beware of the Blog: Freezepop of the Current Gaming Music Future Future Future Perfect
'Our song Less Talk More Rokk was on an iTunes electronic top song chart for a year, mostly in the top 20 and had great sales primarily due to the games. now every band wants to get in the game and we're flooded with requests...'

Game-ism: 'Still Alive? She’s Free.'
Really creepy, but thoughtprovoking sketch of what GlaDOS looks like, underneath the machines.

Hit Self-Destruct: Vienna
Discussing The Third Man and Mechner's The Last Express, abstractly and intriguingly.

An Online Game So Mysterious Its Famous Sponsor Is Hidden - New York Times
NYT piece on 'The Lost Ring' ARG.

What They Play - Grand Theft Auto IV: 11 Things Parents Should Know
John Davison's blog tries to lay it out for the adults.

Insomnia | Commentary | Untold Tales of The Arcade: Taito Think Tank
About girls who are great at playing obscure Taito games in Italian arcades. A unique writing subgenre, to be sure.