- Well, Mexico continues to be hot, which is also the state of this vital compilation of GameSetLink-age of course, haw haw.

Among the goodness - a very silly game pitch, Giant Bomb pointing out some funny XBLA chess promotion, and a little look into the surprisingly vibrant world of Phantasy Star Universe - which I am midway into getting tempted towards.

Go go gadget linkage:

Main Page - The PSUPedia
Very impressive complete FAQ for Phantasy Star Universe.

Rising Tides Sink Islands | Gamers With Jobs
'We’re getting good content, but the budgets are still weighed down under the load of paying for fluff reviews, news and previews before we get to the good stuff.'

Giant Bomb » You Must Think First, Before You Move
On the Chessmaster Live XBLA Hiphop Weekend, hah.

Hit Self-Destruct: The Pitch
OMG game pitch insanity awesome alert.

The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety: Writers, executives, developers discuss whether videogames need writers
Referencing Adam Maxwell's post, again again. But with some good Hollywood types, plus Kellee Santiago, even.

Citizen Game » Lore Sjöberg on Link’s Weapons
Oddly Yahtzee-esque, tho Sjoberg massively predates him.

chewing pixels » Bow Street Runner - Conclusion
A little hagiographic, but the point is well made, and this is emanating from the Alice Taylor/Margaret Robertson Channel 4 nexus, like a number of interesting crossover projects.

Reconciling Serious Games Market Size Different Estimates - Business & Games: The Blog
Serious games is an awfully vague term, anyhow.

The Escapist : Jason Rohrer's Game Design Sketchbook: Idealism
'What happens when your ideals, be they socially-induced or true, stand in the way of one of your goals? Idealism attempts to explore these issues through game mechanics.'

Akihabara Channel » ai [email protected]
Whoa, a Japanese dating game virtual world.