- Arr harrrr! The latest GameSetLinks are upon ye, me hearties, and really that's no excuse to talk piratical but it's the end of the day, and I'm tired, and there's a Daniel James link in there, and you know...

Anyhow, apart from lapsing into pirate-speak when fatigued, other good stuff going on in this link set includes a really interesting Sony-funded PlayStation 3 demo-scene production, various bits of World Of Warcraft lore (as if you haven't had enough!), and, uhh, the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. So there:

The Flogging Will Continue… » Whirled goes Open Beta
Daniel James on the Beta launch of Whirled, which is v. interesting.

Elder Game: MMO game development » Design Analysis: Noblegarden
Deconstructing World Of Warcraft's Easter event from a design perspective.

ARGNet: The Sky Remains
'Combines interactive ARG elements with GPS technology and the thrill of geocaching and treasure hunting using mscape (short for "mediascape"), HP Labs' experimental mobile gaming platform.'

Pouet.net: Linger In Shadows by Plastic (.pl)
It's fascinating that Sony is now hooking up with the demo-scene, with gorgeous results - though another example of Sony's 'open yet not' attitude, given homebrew/RSX issues.

Game-Ism: 'Pottery Praise'
Wow, the Pottery Barn Kids catalog has "...real game systems with the appropriate real game controllers on them" in the posed pics, for once.

Design Progression in World of Warcraft, An Illustrated Guide « Broken Toys
Good insight into World Of Warcraft patches changing game elements majorly.

MMOG Nation » Free Realms: Getting Rid of the Bullshit in MMOs (Pt.2)
Zenke has some interesting early perspectives on SOE's attempt to go non-hardcore, MMO-wise.

Konami’s new BeMani Slot - the videos « Arcade Heroes
Weird, Beatmania vs. slot machine mashup.

Arcade Renaissance: Arcadia Magazine's top 10 for January - February
Continues to be fascinating to see what's big in arcades in Japan.

Speed Demos Archive - Guardian Heroes
A new speed run through the classic Treasure hack + slash title for Saturn, yum. XBLA plz!