- Well, back to the GameSetLink-age once again, it seems that there's plenty more textual material in the WWW sea - including some more tidbits from the inevitable Surfer Girl, of course.

Also in here - a chat with ThatGameCompany's Jenova Chen, as well as the very odd trailer for the DS version of English Of The Dead, the latest XBLA charts, and a This Is Vegas developer blog explaining the 'attitude', as it were.

Here comes the drums:

Sega Nerds: 'English of the Dead [trailer] featuring zombies in bikinis'
Nuff said, really.

Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars: You hear the thunder of stampeding rhinos, elephants and tacky tigers
'Beicouver (or Vanjing, whichever one prefers) developer Next Level Games' next title is a downloadable affair for 360.' Plus more, of course.

Tale of Tales » Interview with Jenova Chen (ThatGameCompany)
Didn't know his English name is indeed a Final Fantasy reference. Wacky.

The Independent Gaming Source: 'Hideki Kubo's Music Games'
The Japanese seem to love synaesthesia - also see Space Invaders Extreme.

IGN Developer Blogs: 'This Is Vegas - Welcome to Vegas'
Awesome Drakan vs. This Is Vegas gag screenshot, and some interesting design comments.

VGChartz.com | Xbox Live Arcade Sales Top 100 - 4/12/08 (Ikaruga ~22.3k)
'N+ continues to creep up toward Rez HD's LTD total.'

Video Games Business & Marketing: Casual Games & Manifestos
'The middlemen are middlemen because they are good at it. I encourage everyone to take on the market to the best of their abilities of course, but I wouldn't under-estimate the task.'

Water Cooler Games - Chris Crawford's Nine Breakthroughs
'Our focus needs to be on social not physical interaction.'

Welcome to Special Round: "You will F(L)aiL"
'Matt Thorson's Flail is the best game ever made on the subject of leaping repeatedly into walls full of spikes, possibly at high speed.'

It Fit When I Was A Kid « Hardcasual
'[Some] indie games tend much more towards a referentiality that relies entirely on fair use and parody.'