- Ah yes, a bit heavier with the GameSetLink-age, and this time, we lead off with some delightfully random ranting about the state of video game news - with some gems of wisdom subtly in there. Subtly.

Also hang out - more discussion on Parking Wars, a new video game music site aggregator, some good discussion of XBLA achievement design, a critique of God Of War PSP, and various other smartness. Here's the stuffses:

Insomnia | Commentary | The videogame news racket
I do like linking to crazy, and Insomnia.ac outputs reliable crazy.

Moogle.net » Blog Archive » Commandments for Achievement Design
Game players "...want a buffet table of content, and we need them to chew what we give them for as long as possible, so to speak, or else the kitchen will run dry."

Nobuooo.com - Digg-style video game music news site
Great name, in a totallygeek way. Uematsu ftw!

z a c k h i w i l l e r » Parking Wars, redux
Haha, totally cute anecdote - is Parking Wars the first _decent_, non-ripped off (ahem Scrabulous) original Facebook game creation?

Where are all the Real People? - Gamezebo.com
Incendiary headline, discussing racial profiles (or lack of diversity) in casual games.

The Ryan Lambie column: the dawn of literary videogames - Den of Geek
'Kafka’s Metamorphosis would make a superb XBLA platform game.'

Video: Space Invaders 2003 - Ken Ishii vs. FLR ::: Pink Tentacle
'The music video for Ken Ishii’s “Space Invaders 2003” is a touching, behind-the-scenes look at a Space Invader family torn apart by war.'

God of War: Chains of Olympus | The New Gamer
'My best educated guess is that people really like those puzzles where you have to turn cranks but then enemies attack and while you're fighting them the crank slowly starts to reset to the neutral position.'

ConnieTalk: PETA Targets Clothing Co Burberry With 'Bloody Burberry' Video Game
More activist gaming, this time anti-fur.

ASCII by Jason Scott: GET LAMP Trailer Out
Wait, did I not run this? The new text adventure doc trailer from Mr. Scott is now out, yay.