- So, uhh, there seems to have been some mistake, and I've found myself 'on holiday' in 'Mexico'. I'm not quite sure how this occurred, but rest assured I'll be looking into it over the next few days.

In the meantime, amidst the relaxation, a reasonably steady (if relaxed!) set of GameSetLinks will continue to bombard you, like so many UV rays upon pasty Western European skin, starting with this set - from sealed, graded classic games through Geometry Wars' (pictured!) influence on XBLA, and much more.

Commence low-grade tanning... now:

mbf [email protected]: Mario Morandi's GameMusic Tracks
'Mario Morandi is the RadioGame's resident DJ, an Italian website dedicated to retrogaming culture and gaming obsessions.' Good tracks within.

YouTube - Animated Amiga Tribute by Eric Schwartz
An adorable 'Still Alive'-soundtracked tribute to the Amiga - via Waxy.

NCSX Video Games and Toys: 'Kachou Shima Kousaku: Dekiru Otoko no Love & Success' for DS
'Join the ranks of Japanese white-collar workers in what's probably the first ever business-oriented visual novel and educational software.'

Obscured View » Did Geometry Wars hurt LIVE as much as it helped it?
'I think it would be safe to say that GW caused the industry to collectively say “ooh! Retro can be profitable!”'

Only a Game: Top Ten Videogame Emotions
'What are the most popular emotions of play in videogames?' We find out!

Pocket Gamer: 'The Wright Stuff: Why mobile games are failing'
'The problem is that mobile games are simply not appealing enough to get most people to play them.'

Stephen King on videogames | Entertainment Weekly
The horror novelist defends games against legislation, despite, uhh, not really liking them much, it appears.

First VGA Graded Games Hit eBay | gameSniped.com
Interesting, they're trying to grade games like comics.

Siliconera » Let’s look at LOL with Agetec
V.v.odd multiplayer-only comedy DS game: 'To be honest, yes it’s going to be hard to find. We’re not even sure yet if it will be carried by any retailers.'

Gillen Wants Me To Quote Buzzcocks But I Won’t | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
'Here’s the latest trailer for Tension, Ice-Pick’s intriguing next game... The hook is battle via painting, rather than gunplay, using a gesture system apparently similar to Black & White.'