- Yeehah, we speed past midweek, and in honor of Ikaruga being released on Xbox Live Arcade, it's time to point and stare at the new shooting game miniatures being released out of tiny figure-obsessed Japan.

Also notable - a micro micro-review of the Jackass game, various discussions of the 'GamePro incident', and a random link to the scarily awesome Attack! Books, which I am willing some NGJ-ish lunatics to set up an analogue for in the game arena, like, now. Maybe Running With Scissors could help? Anyhow:

NCSX: Shooting Game Historica Vol. 2
Oo, Opa Opa from Fantasy Zone, how cute.

Gameprwned - Quarter To Three Forums
Discussing the GamePro prank - you know, I do wanna say it was meant to be 'good-natured ribbing' but it came off as a bit dickish to some. Sorry 'bout that.

Wired News - AP News: 'Study: Editor-Reader Gap in News Sites'
'58 percent of editors said letting journalists join online conversations and give personal views would harm journalism, but only 36 percent of the public agreed.'

Eegra: Who's down for a SHINDIG?
It's Eegra, so it has to be fine! Game competition time!

Welcome to Special Round: Phantasy Star Complete Collection OR: M2 does a wonderful job
Didn't realize this: 'Besides including the English-language versions of all the games on the disc, you can play both games with sped-up combat and walking speeds, and every game on the compilation lets you adjust the difficulty a little bit.' Nice!

Level Up : The Big Idea: Is the Term 'Gamer,' Um, Played Out? And If So, What Should We Replace It With?
Referencing Douglas Wilson's GSW article of recent.

Kotaku: Guitar Hero Iii: Charlie Daniels - Guitar Hero Perverted My Song
This is weird and funny and upsetting and weird.

Jackass the Game (ps2: 2007): Metacritic Reviews
Developed by Sidhe (Kiwis of Gripshift fame), I just rented this, it's surprisingly decent actually - good-looking for a PS2 title, but needs more ragdoll.

PSO-World.com - PSOX News > US XBox Server Closure Notice
Latest in a stream of PSO server closedowns for earlier versions - reminder that MMOs are not online forever.

Attack! Books - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Someone needs to do something like this for game writing, I think.