- Ah, yes, the inevitable weekend attack, and let's pretend we're not still catching up on GameSetLinks after April 1st stupidity and inspiredness, eh? Which reminds me, if anyone has a good April Fools game site round-up, please post in comments.

In the mean time, we tangentially mention some gag favorites, as well as examine Lost's use of its license for a game, Kyle Orland making list articles referencing lists, and all kinds of other fun and games. Here's those breaks:

GameTap : A Captain McGrandpa Postmortem
In case you missed the improvised forum-based GameTap April Fools game.

GPU Gems - full book available
Nvidia making the important graphics programming book available for free - via Satori.

Satori: The new Nokia N-Gage
Whoa, some serious Sidetalking spoofing from Nokia themselves here.

GameSpot: PressSpotting on 'the top 10 journalism cliches'
Kudos for making #1 'top lists', haaah.

David Hellman » Blog Archive » The Art of Braid, Part V: The Emotional Experience
Very late, COMPLETELY AWESOME April Fool.

chewing pixels » Songs for the Boys
The RSS reveals the first line of this 'disappeared', and was: 'When I was working at developer Kuju/ Zoë Mode on a still unannounced (but-this-week-goes-Alpha) Xbox 360 rhythm-action game.' Sorry!

Penny Arcade Launches 'Greenhouse', Online Indie Game Store | Game | Life from Wired.com
No games available yet, but hopefully a good critical mass opportunity for overlooked indie PC games.

Valleywag: 'It's April 1 and I don't know what my salary is'
More hilariously transparent discussion on what writers get paid at Gawker (also home of Kotaku, hence nosing around.)

Joystick Division: Video Game News, Views and Reviews
Village Voice Media's gaming blog, apparently. Looks like it'll be interesting.

Design Rampage: The Unethical Usage of Licenses
Ranty-thoughtful essay on the Lost game, but he should have played it first, prolly?