- A new cornucopia of GameSetLinks, then, headed by 1UP reviewing odd Australian cellphone game 'Coolest Girl In School' - and it's nice to see people still giving heed to mobile gaming.

Also in there somewhere - the awesome (but controversial) Infocom data dumpster-diving of Andy Baio, as well as Duke Nukem 3D in the Speed Demos Archive and a host of other fun and games. As per normal, I (have fun) scouring the feeds so you don't have to - and here's the fruits:

Andrew's 1UP Blog: CGIS vs. DAH:CDV
Discussing an intriguing (and oddly manufactured-controversial) mobile game: 'Somehow, without trying too hard, Coolest Girl in School manages to make Leisure Suit Larry look woefully behind the times.'

Akihabara Channel » Type-Moon’s New Release x 3
More great micro-niche genre stuff from Japan - Type Moon are a key visual novel (and 2D fighter!) developer.

ACTION BUTTON: Tim Rogers reviews Mario Kart Wii
A hideously entertaining (and naturally far too long) rant: 'Mario Kart Wii turns any weeknight into Christmas Eve.' Bravo, Sir.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Freeware Game Pick: Crumble (Gary Penn)
Penn runs excellent Scottish developer Denki, btw - so this is another industry/indie free time crossover.

Internet Archive: Details: Self-Preservation Mode: Lessons Learned Archiving Multimedia Artforms
Awesome talk given at BlockParty: 'For half a decade, Hornet has been working on the Mindcandy series, a collection of DVDs reproducing demos to the best of their ability' - he discusses how to archive them.

The Making of: Trackmania | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
'Particularly interesting, they reject the idea of overt planning and even the concept of postmortems.'

Milliways: Infocom's Unreleased Sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Waxy.org
Wow, this is insane amounts of research - it's personal emails tho, which is a little icky, but it's vital stuff.

Speed Demos Archive - Duke Nukem 3D
Newly posted, entire game in 20 minutes, they '...represent years worth of cooperative effort and critique between myself and Fernito, as well as nearly a decade of practice on Fernito's behalf.'

You Are Lose!: Ikariam - The Joys of Civilization Contained in Your Browser
Good little profile of a game that shows that increasingly, people are making _anything_ browser-based.

Write the Game » How to Break into the Gaming Industry: Case Study
'Studios are usually only interested in successful writers - people who have published novels or created blockbuster film scripts.'