- Ah yes, a little more GameSetLink-age, and this one has a plethora of neatness, including the United Nations using gaming to help donate malaria nets, and the closing of Virtual Magic Kingdom causing some furore.

Also in there somewhere - NGJ don and admitted Yahtzee inspiration Charlie Brooker talks about games somewhat nattily, and 1UP wanders down some other bonkers feature hallways.

Let's go all Rockwell:

Water Cooler Games - The UN Shoots an Air Ball
'If you play the game and sign up at the end, [the United Nations] will deliver a [malaria-preventing bed net] to Africa on their behalf.' But apparently the game isn't that... resonant? Nice idea, tho.

KimPallister.com: 'Centennial Middle School Talk'
What kids want to hear about from game industry luminaries. Autographs!

The History Of Interactive Fiction: 'Let's Tell a Story Together'
Interesting, hadn't spotted this! Via Waxy.

The Independent Gaming Source: You Found The Grappling Hook, Pro Edition
Heh, as Cactus said in comments: 'I think Business Week hotlinked his game, so he modified it just to mess with them.'

Kotaku: 'EA Versus Take-Two: How The Takeover Works'
Leigh's new gig at Kotaku starts out trend-crunch-tastic!

Worlds In Motion - Disney Closes Gates To Virtual Magic Kingdom
Lots of anguished complaints from VMK fans here.

Edmonton Journal: 'Indie gaming world comes out for festivals and competitions'
'It's been a few weeks since I've covered a big mainstream game.' Some nice praise for CGDC5 in here too.

Top 5 Felonies That Deserve Their Own Games from 1UP.com
Heh, more high quality Sharkey randomness.

Dork Talk: Charlie Brooker | Technology | The Guardian
Charlie Brooker's favorite games of all time, Part 1 - also see Part 2. Via RPS.

koffdrop.com ยป You reap what you sow
Some Kotaku komplaining... justified? Not sure.