- A little-read NeoGAF thread from a couple of days ago (via Ferricide, thanks!) has uncovered a pretty spectacular piece of oddness, and we're delighted to pass it on to you:

"So a friend of mine that worked on this game just sent this over to me, and I figured GAF might enjoy it. Irrational's game, The Lost, was nearly completed but never released. Apparently everything was sold to Indian company FX Labs, and released. A lot of the art was redone, but apparently the core game and even story are relatively intact."

The game is now called Agni: Queen Of Darkness, of which it's explained: "An exciting new Action/Adventure game for the PC. Immerse yourself in the puzzle and suspense of finding Tara's lost child; use AGNI's dynamic powers to fight your way out. Visually stunning environments, challenging boss battles, find your answers through the gates of AGNILOK and unfold the mystery of Milli."

The original GAF poster also points out that there is a promotional music video associated with the game - as described: "A mind blowing remix of In Aakhon ki masti, this hot new music video features Bollywood star Malaika Arora, and Tara who is the lead character in the Indian role playing game AGNI". And here it is, blimey:

As for the original Irrational game on which this is closely based, apparently, there are videos available on YouTube, but interestingly, the Wikipedia page for the game reveals "...The Lost was a third-person shooter/survival horror game co-developed by Irrational Games and FXLabs." So it's less FXLabs buying it from Irrational than the company being the original co-developer and adapting it, perhaps.

Sure enough, the FXLabs news page adds, from 2004: "FXLabs Studios announces its development agreement with Irrational Studios on "The Lost", an Xbox and PC action horror game. FXLabs in conjunction with producers and designers from Irrational will collaborate to bring the vision of this innovative product to life. It is currently scheduled for release in early 2006."

So evidently this title went south, Irrational got bought by 2K and turned their attention to BioShock, and FXLabs managed to rejigger it for a Bollywood PC release. Interesting.