- Ah yes, plenty of goodness in this week's links from Think Services' suite of B2B-ish game sites, including Gamasutra, Game Career Guide, Worlds In Motion, Indie Games, and more.

In particular, we have the controversy over N+ rubbing shoulders with a really fun Ian Bogost column on pranks in games, as well as some analysis of EA's marketing muscle, a neat Foundation 9 interview, and a plethora of other pieces, some obscure, some not so. All good output, I think - here we are:

N+: Beyond The Postmortem
"What's it like getting a game onto Xbox Live Arcade? N+ creators Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard of developer Metanet - and Nick Waanders, president of XBLA N converters Slick Entertainment - don't mince words in this discussion of the service."

Sounds Of The Snow
"In one of the more unconventional Gamasutra articles we've ever published, Finnish game sound designer Tapio Liukkonen (Broken Alliance) writes passionately about the need for authentic winter sound recording in games."

Q&A: CDC's Williams Talks East Meeting West With Lunia, EVE
"CDC Games has found success operating the Korean MMO Lunia in the U.S., and also runs CCP's EVE Online in China. Given recent U.S. successes for Lunia, Gamasutra spoke to CDC's Ron Williams about the interesting particulars involved in making the East-to-West connection from both ends."

Persuasive Games: Video Game Pranks
"In his regular 'Persuasive Games' column, designer/writer Ian Bogost looks at the history of the prank in video games - from Easter Eggs through Sim Copter and Syobon Action, with particular reference to Gareth's stapler."

The Divnich Tapes: Why EA's Marketing Brawn Should Entice Take-Two
"Concluding his Gamasutra-exclusive assessment of February's hardware and software trends, simExchange analyst Jesse Divnich analyzes Army of Two's retail success through marketing, and argues Take-Two should reconsider Electronic Arts' takeover offer because of its sheer marketing muscle." Also see Divnich on hardware sales compared for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, why the video game industry is outperforming expectations despite our slowing economy, and software predictions for March.

Focus On Korea: Ntreev's Kang Talks Pangya, Westward Moves
"Continuing its examination of the Korean game biz, Gamasutra speaks to Jamie King of online game developer Ntreev about their titles, including Pangya (Super Swing Golf) and Trickster, and discusses the difficulty for Korean companies to break into the international console game market."

U. Mich's 48-Hour Development Contest: Stephen Colbert Games!
"The University of Michigan hosts an annual game development challenge, in which small teams of students have just 48 hours to develop a video game. GameCareerGuide.com is running an exclusive five-part series written by the contestants about their experience making a game in just two days." Also see - Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Also... Stephen Colbert!

A Coalition Of Developers
"Foundation 9 (Death Jr.) is likely the biggest developer conglomerate in the world, with more than 800 employees - so how is it doing in 2008, and what on earth is its 'Total Quality Initiative'? Gamasutra finds out..."