Yesh, the return of GameSetLinks, and with 15 more piled up quite apart from these 10, I feel like the flow of blog-based goodness will never end in this fertile post-GDC period.

Among the highlights - Carbonated Games' multi-touch prototype for Microsoft's Surface tabletop computer, the still awesome-looking but sadly not localized Idolmaster franchise - or at least the Xbox 360 version - and a cornucopia of other miscellany. Start up the shoesaw:

ARGNet: Start Spreadin' the News
'Come Out and Play is back, baby' - the 'real-life game' festival back in NY this summer.

Arcade Renaissance: Two empty boxes sell for over $400
'Imagine my surprise when I checked out the link and found that two empty PCB interior shipping boxes had just sold for over $400 (44,500 yen to be exact).'

Consumating: Annabel Lee sings 'Still Alive'
The meme marches happily on, Berkeley-style - via WaxyIM.

YouTube - Firefly: The first game for Microsoft Surface
Carbonated Games (Uno) made this prototype, with multi-touch - v.neat.

National Console Support, Inc | IdolMaster: Live For You for Xbox 360
This so needs to come to the States already, Namco Bandai. Via Ferricide.

Gallery: Professor Layton Takes Over San Francisco | Game | Life from
This game is worth your time, folks.

As Gaming Turns Social, Industry Shifts Strategies - New York Times
V. interesting Seth Schiesel piece on what GDC means. Remembering the XaviXPORT
Wii-like, before its time - only terrible. My co-worker Mr. Sheffield gets all the scoops, which is why I adore him.

Play This Thing! - Game Criticism: Why We Need It And Why Reviews Aren't It
A tad hectoring, but very much worth reading.

The Independent Gaming Source: Chromatron 2, 3, and 4 Now Free!
Ex-Game Developer code columnist Sean Barrett is super low profile but neat.