Yay, it's totally Tuesday, and there's all kinds of leftover GameSetLinks to be spooling out here.

Particularly please to see the text adventure genre still blasting here - I really enjoy these subgenres, and it's great to see they're still flowing even now, a couple of decades after the ostensible 'end' of the genre in commercial terms. Here goes:

XYZZYnews: 2007 XYZZY Award Finalists
Another wonderful subgenre still kickin', the text adventure.

Haxed by Megahurtz / a Wii [Flash] game made by the mentally ill.
Extreeeeemely strange, in a good way - via everyone.

Critical-Gaming: Reducing the Clutter
'In this post, I'll take a moment to point out some of the trends I have found that most easily lead to creating cluttered gameplay experiences.'

Citizen Game » What Is The New Ninja Theory Project?
Big in 2009 for PS3? Makes sense to me, too.

Scene.org Awards for 2007 - Nominees
Demo-scene still trucking, Media Molecule sponsoring (Alex Evans aka Statix is a demo legend!) - via Waxy.

YouTube - Kariodude's custom Guitar Hero videos
How soon before Guitar Hero or Rock Band allows user-uploaded songs and/or song tracking, given the quality of these?

Grand Text Auto » PvP: Portal versus Passage
Did I not link this? I should have!

GDC 2008 - snarfed.org
Oop, only just found this - a great round-up of the show from a trends perspective.

NVScene 08
An Nvidia-sponsored demo competition in San Jose this August as part of their NVParty? Uh, rock.

ffwd: Simon Carless' personal linklog
Not _generally_ game-related, but if you like GSW, I realized you might like it.