- Then you'll be wanting English Of The Dead, Sega's latest adorable attempt to extend the franchise beyond breaking point. And that's why it works, really!

Elsewhere in GameSetLinks, there's a little less conversation and a little more action, including an interesting conversation on graphical fidelity in games, a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at game developers popping sprogs, and Italian arcade dreams. So yay:

Seven Degrees Of Freedom: The Breeding Edge
'Yes, you heard right, game developers are not only having sex, they are actually breeding.'

Tale of Tales» Blog Archive » Audio Games for DS Homebrew
We all need a Hyena in our DS.

Ste Pickford's Blog - 'Documentation'
You just can't design a game on paper. You have to actually make the game to design it.

Big Bear Entertainment, animated music video creator, raises $550,000 » VentureBeat
The MTV2 game mod animators - odd that things like this get VC.

NCSX: Zombie Shiki - Eigo Ryoku Sosei Jutsu: English of the Dead for DS
Sega should do language learning in the West this way, too!

NCSX on Edo Culture History - Tokyo educational non-game for DS
'By plugging the Edo Culture card into an NDS, users may take virtual tours, learn about the culture, visit the Edo Museum, and view important landmarks.'

YouTube - Johan Agebjörn featuring Nintendo - Mega Man II
Neat remix video alert - via The New Gamer.

The Ludologist » Blog Archive » Better Graphics, Diminishing Returns
Interesting jumping-off point (a Game Developer article) to discuss graphical fidelity.

Insomnia | Commentary | Untold Tales of The Arcade: Mission Secret
Italian arcade reminiscences: 'It should be clear by now that I'm a bit of a Taito fanboy. I'm also a martini fanboy.'

Short and sweet game | MetaFilter
Cecropia's post-'The Act' Flash game work discussed - also via TNG.