- Ah, yes, damn there basically the weekend, and how about the second GameSetLinks dealing with game shirts in a row, since those slightly amazing 2D Boy/EGP/Chronic Logic shirts seem to have popped up in some Target stores?

Somewhat blown away by the esoteric links that made that happen - I was talking to the Kyles about it at the Indie Game Summit - but they look really cool, and it's probably the widest big-box store distribution of indie games so far, apart from the IGF-licensed compilations, perhaps - so go support them, and put sightings in comments, perhaps? And now, the news:

2D Boy:'Sexy Indie Game Shirts!'
World Of Goo and Gish game/T-shirt combos in... Target? Only $12? Mind officially blown.

GameSpot News: 'Introducing... Press Spotting'
Kyle Orland sorta re-does his GameDaily Media Coverage column - now written by Gus Mastrapa at GameSpot - complete with hilariously telegraphed GameSpot editor's note about spin-controlling Gerstmann-Gate. Still, Kyle can be trusted to do the right thing.

They Told You Not To Reply - Washington Post Security Fix
The owner of DoNotReply.com cited here is OldManMurray's Chet, who works at Valve on Left 4 Dead and others, hee.

VH1 Game Break: Sayonora: The Last Game Break Column
Aw, sorry to see it go, it was a tad quixotic and under-read but interesting nonetheless.

Temple of the Roguelike - » Blog Archive » 2008 7DRL results are in
7-day Rogue-creating challenge done! Lots of odd and playable variants here.

Arthouse Games critiques Rod Humble's 'Stars Over Half-Moon Bay'
My boss lives in Half-Moon Bay, coincidentally.

MTV Multiplayer » Sex, Violence And Video Games: Developing For A Worldwide Audience Is A Confusing Minefield
Good piece interviewing Randy Pitchford, others.

Infogrames - Letter Of Employment (Dave Perry, Shiny)
This was at the Shiny acquisition stage, we presume - via Perry's delicious feed, must have been Googling himself!

Experts State: Do Not Banish - Instead, Manage Violent Video Game Play — Open Education
The third in a three-part series (scroll down), with more analysis on Grand Theft Childhood.

Crayon Physics Deluxe, an ingenious video game that looks like it was designed by a third-grader. - By Chris Baker - Slate Magazine
Indie goodness alert! I was interviewed for this but sadly, Slate editors don't like me.