- Ah, yes - the shine of GameSetLinks beneath the murk of the average Webcrawling denizen, or something. Are we the pearl farmers working to unearth the gems of the mixed metaphor from Gringotts? Or are we merely swinish?

In any case, this set of links includes Eurogamer getting to grips with Barkey Shut Up And Jam: Gaiden - which is just what all major consumer sites should be doing, mixing games like these into their normal coverage - and other news spanning a fitting Gygax tribute to the televisual death of jPod. Let us receive the data:

Wired News: The Dungeon Master: The Life and Legacy of Gary Gygax
A good, detailed, and fitting tribute.

Waxy.org @ SXSW: Worst Website Ever, Redux
At least one MMO-related one, and these are all semi-plausible.

Fez Plushie | ALBOTAS - A Little Bit On The Awesome Side |
Cute indie soft toy alert.

Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden Article // PC /// Eurogamer
Good Lord, Eurogamer = epic win for genuinely covering this (pictured) maverick work of genius.

Behind the Game: Diner Dash Hometown Hero - Gamezebo.com
Stats aren't THAT hot on this yet, interestingly. But a very intriguing experiment.

XYZZY Awards 2007 - IFWiki
Winners announced - Lost Pig cleans up!

IGF Pavilion - Inside the GDC 2008
GameDev.net doing a great job, interviews and pics of all IGF Pavilion denizens - also missed 'The IGF and Game Developers Choice Awards - Inside the GDC 2008' and 'Indie Games Summit - Inside the GDC 2008' from the same site.

Japan criticized over child porn loopholes - CNN.com
Games and animated portrayals are specifically mentioned, and very true.

sardius_: reviews unfit for print vol. 1 -- lost: the shitty video game
This should be printed everywhere!

The Canadian Press: Leafs to blame for cancelled shows? Quips producer: 'One more reason to hate'
The adaption of Coupland's JPod - which is about game creators - canned, darn.