- Swerving tipsily into the weekend, we have some choice GameSetLinks for you, principal among them the revelation that multiple IGF prizewinner World Of Goo is plagiarized... from nature!

So, as we wait for God to file that inevitable defensive patent, let's check out some other choice links - including CrispyGamer's comics, Clint Hocking on Bully, and something about the Internet and cats and me. But not necessarily in that order. Here goes:

2D Boy » Blog Archive » World of Goo Teams Up With Nature, Borrows Liberally
2D Boy are such ripoff merchants!

Gism Butter » Blog Archive » Sega Ephemera
Alex Handy + Bay Area recycling + old school games = fun.

WSJ.com on what attracts us to content on the Internet.
'Just like the laser and the cat, technology is playing a trick on us. We are programmed for scarcity and can't dial back when something is abundant.' This is me and the Web, oh dear.

VG Cats: '100 Kirby-s'
Oops, missed this at the time, totallyadorable.

Crispy Gamer - Comics: Ding!
One of CG's comics, from PvP's Kurtz - they also have Backward Compatible. I respect them for trying this (a la Keefer's old gig at GameSpy) - comics attached to editorial sites is kinda... cool in an oldskool way?

Click Nothing: A Teacher's Primer
Clint Hocking challenging a teacher on Bully criticism - would be choicer if he'd played it, but the offer is bold and good.

GS's Army of Two Review: Unprofessionalism at its finest? - NeoGAF
Reviews should either be wholly personal or 'attemptedly' universal (which is impossible!), here's a bad unintentional muddying.

YouTube - Far Cry 2 Dunia Engine
Out-Crytek-ing Crytek, are they?

UPDATE: GameSetWatch - Anatomy Of A Goof - Xbox '360' Sales Down!
An Australian TV network has taken Smarthouse (one of the through-sources of this false report) and stitched them up like a kipper for plagiarism. Bravo.

InstantAction Beta Blog: Game Dev Contest Winners!
Cool, some indie goodness here!