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This time out - more Street Fighter HD game balancing goodness, the bootleg Titanic NES RPG, indie game goodness galore, and a terribly headlined but not unreasonable overall Daily Yomiuru game book review. All this in one short post! And go:

Capcom US - The Blog: Behind-the-Scenes: Rebalancing Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (part 8, Sagat)
This whole David Sirlin-written series is excellent, from a game-balancing perspective.

Arcade Renaissance: What is really going on with Tekken 6 and US arcades?
Looks like cabinet price may be stopping a Western release?

CinnamonPirate.com : Prepare yourself, for tonight we board IN HELL!
Gigantic, neat review of the bootleg Titanic RPG for the NES.

Akihabara Channel » Best Bishojo Game of 2007
'Getchu-ya’s online website, Getchu.com announced the result of their online poll that was conducted during the month of February, voting for the best 2007 Bishojo games' - some links NSFW, interesting subgenre peek.

Knut Müller - Interview - Adventure Classic Gaming
Another nice subgenre interview, for the Rhem creator - Myst-like artgame fun.

TheStar.com | entertainment | Pilgrim's progress for graphic novel fans as Cera touted to star
Lot of video game references in the book too, obviously. Good news all round!

The Independent Gaming Source: Video of 'Glitch Racer'
The next game by Toribash creator Hampa - freeform racing physics fun, looking v. intriguing.

insertcredit.com: 'News: Obscure fighter emulation roundup'
And sure enough, there's a lot of obscure 2D fighters here!

Video game designers not the pasty-faced geeks of old: The Daily Yomiuri
Ouch, what a terrible headline. Still, actually not a terrible review of a neat book we've extracted on Gamasutra.

IGN: RetroCity Podcast Episode 1
Blimey, Paul Norman - everyone's going retro (good page views!)