- Ah yes, a tad more GameSetLink-age for your caboodle, and there's some fun stuff in here - particularly Warlords Online, which I hadn't really spotted, and is an interesting move from the Puzzle Quest folks.

Elsewhere, there's a chat with Introversion, some Japanese student DS games, more info on some of the Australian goings-on around the ACMI Game On exhibition, and a host of other fun topics. Please enjoy the following:

Warlords Online Launches - Infinite Interactive Forums
From the Puzzle Quest guys, browser-based - they kept quiet about this, didn't they? Via HDRLying.

Mega64: "Brainpower" Music Video
Freezepop + Mega64 = adorable.

Game-ism: 'Creed Critique: Glitch vs. Pretty'
V.interesting discussion of how jumping works, animation and reaction wise, in Assassin's Creed.

Amusement Magazine - coming Spring 2008
Paris-based... glossy game culture mag? If it sticks around, this could be interesting, nobody's really tried an overt art-mag about games recently. Via mbf.

YouTube - Npeaen's Grateful Dead Rock Band demo videos
In case you wondered what the new 6-track Grateful Dead pack sounded/looked like - useful! He also has videos of all other Rock Band DLC, including the (sorted first!) new SXSW pack.

QBlog: 'A Little Sad'
Richard Bartle debunking (or at least rationalizing) a 'girls play across genders in MMOs a lot' scientific paper.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: RPS Interview: Introversion’s Chris & Mark
Good read on where they are with Multiwinia, (the pictured) Subversion.

The Age (Australia's) Digital Life: 'Museum Piece'
'The race is on to preserve the cultural history of games.' Regarding ACMI and the Game On exhibition.

Siliconera » Student developed DS games downloadable at DS stations
In Japan only, of course - and lots of Japanese text in them. Shame.

The Age Blogs: 'Show And Tell'
With a full PDF of the ACMI game exhibition goodness - more institutions should do this.