- Ah, a good collection of GameSetLink-age here, headed by Kotaku's Michael McWhertor (who gave us much moral support on the GameSetApparel project) starting up his own Meatbun.us game T-shirt store - with awesomely geeked-out game tees to the fore.

Oh, and before we get going tonight - are there any GSW readers who are based in Las Vegas and available to go to events a) next week during the week or b) next weekend and write up some notes for us? There's a couple of non-major but intriguing events going on - ping us if you're around. And onward:

Crispy Gamer: 'Backseat Driver'
This is a good piece, why call the anon developer 'GameCynic' though? Just seems prejudicial to start with.

the-inbetween.com: [ Crystal Castles vs Chiptunes]
Good piece on the state of the bleep.

YouTube - Mahalo Daily on Game Boy Music
Veronica Belmont strikes again! Bleep report.

Academic writing on video games? | Ask Metafilter
This is a pretty good rundown of interesting writing, though it's not all 'academic', as such.

CGDC5 Finalists are up!: Jay is Games
A very, very neat set of games.

Kotaku: 'Meat Bun: Steamy Hot Game Shirts + Mike'
Very fun from Mr. McWhertor - I wholeheartedly support alt.game T-shirt fun.

Water Cooler Games - Review of I Can End Deportation
Extremely interesting.

Scents and Sensibility: Books: The New Yorker
Another example of just beautiful writing that transcends all boundaries - more of this in gaming, plz.

Gism Butter » Blog Archive » Great Haul At the Flea Market
Mm, game hunting is the most delicious of sports.

MTV Multiplayer » Do These Freshly-Baked Cakes Get You Excited For EA’s ‘Dead Space’?
Yes they do, MTV News, yes they do.

No More Heroes is not punk « schlaghund’s playground
'Travis Touchdown (and No More Heroes with him) is the indictment of a culture that has lost sight of the potential for that deeper meaning behind a thick wall of decadent and indulgent entertainment.'