- Ah yes, a little more GameSetLink-age to start the week, and there's some fun stuff in here - including some of the post-fury discussion on the Metanet comments on Xbox Live Arcade, of course.

But also in there - qDot working towards an open-source driver for the Novint Falcon, which is one of the most fascinating pieces of game peripheral hardware ever offered, but has had some serious game adoption problems - with even the games it ships with being less-than-awesome demonstrations of the tech, I'm afraid. Still, haptics! Onward:

The Problem with Experience-Based Writing (Magical Wasteland)
'We still need articles like Rogers’ passionate, plausible and consequential interpretation of Mother 2, but we also need something more.'

Top 5 Botched PC Gaming Launches from 1UP.com
'Installing a new PC game can be something like a blind date.'

GameOfTheBlog.com: Is this really necessary?
'This' would be 3 different chicken-themed DS games. I blame Europe, randomly!

Dispatches: No More Heroes, Part Two; Or: A Perfect Day For Bloodfish at Game Design Advance
This game seems to be inspiring a lot of intriguing articles.

Flash Of Steel: 'Tom versus Bruce Online'
These are some of my favorite pieces of writing ever (from Games For Windows mag), great to hear they're coming online.

Rockstar slow to release in-game GTA IV screens | Xbox 360 News | GamePro.com
Racist user comments aside, this is headslammingly bad as an angle for a story.

Nonpolynomial Labs News: "That thingy that feels"
Using the Novint Falcon for hacked-up good, perhaps?

David Hellman » Blog Archive » The Art of Braid, Part III: World 2 Comes First
Gonna keep linking these, since they are great.

NeoGAF - View Single Post - N+ Developers talk XBLA: "There's like 100 games, and they're all shit." (plus more!)
A fair point, following up on Metanet, about XBLA releases being of variable quality in any given month!

In Defence of the Apparant Shitstorm | metablog
Metanet follows up on the Gamasutra interview - some amelioration, perhaps, but just a bit.