- Yikes, time for more calamitously collected GameSetLinks of peril, and this time we're poking at indie fave Cactus (he of Clean Asia!) and friend's new company, Lo-Fi Minds, as well as wandering around the innermost thoughts of David Jaffe.

Elsewhere in this set of oddness - Metaplace launches in mini-form on MySpace, David Hellman shows off some more Braid art, the original progenitor of Gauntlet has a related prototype unearthed, and many others. On to ze linkz:

Lo-Fi Minds - Work in progress
Cactus and Villek's new games, looking awesomely abstracty (one pictured!).

davidjaffe.biz: SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!....or,er. don't....unless I earn it.
Making a lot of sense here, through the slightly mangled grammar, hee.

Metaplace - (A piece of) Metaplace Launches!
'Today we’ve released the very first Metaplace world on MySpace: Metachat.'

David Hellman » Blog Archive » The Art of Braid, Part II: No Shame in Tracing
Awesome series showing the visual evolution in... visual forms!

Avant Game: The Lost Ring - the alternate reality game for the 2008 Olympics
Official announcement from Ms. McGonigal.

The Brainy Gamer: The Brainy Flamer
And Future just invested in N4G, didn't they? Sigh.

AtariProtos.com - Dark Chambers (Atari 7800)
Interesting because it's an update of the original inspiration for Gauntlet, Dandy - which I didn't know about.

8bitrocket.com: Review: Pinball Hall Of Fame:Williams Collection for the Wii
Just grabbed this for PSP, worth re-iterating - this game is awesome, despite not even being stocked at GameStop.

Eegra: Feature: Kenichi Nishi and Archime-DS Interview (Part One)
The folks behind Chibi Robo and LOL (the American name!) for DS - they're pretty unconventional, in a good way.

Sex & Games: Lighting Warrior Raidy Goes Gold
English-language hentai games get more sophisticated.