- Ah, yes, some more sedate and serendipitous GameSetLinks, and it's particularly notable to see an interview with Dave Gilbert about the 'indie->casual', if you will, of his Playfirst publishing deal (his 'Blackwell Legacy' pictured, left).

It's increasingly notable that the casual crowd is loving or appreciating the kind of games that are perilously close to the character-led, oldschool graphic adventure in terms of story, content, etc - look at Her Interactive's Nancy Drew, for one - and I'm surprised more amateur graphic adventure story creators aren't taking advantage of this. Anyhow, some links:

YouTube - The Legend of N
'A remake of Zelda from start to dungeon 1 end in the game N+ for the XBLA on xbox 360.' Wow. Via IndieGames.

Independent Game Developer Spotlight from 1UP.com
Lots of 1UP's awesome IGF interviews, collated.

Interview with Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games - Gamezebo.com
PlayFirst's deal with Dave is great - the sophistication of the PC casual market is increasingly being underestimated by, uhh, casual observers.

gameplaywright.net // 'LOTRO: WTS 1 [One Ring, The] 2g PST'
'I shell out money every month to play [Lord Of The Rings Online], because even when players don’t take it seriously, the game continues to admirably strive for a level of sobriety that I find compelling.'

How to Fix the Game Ratings System from 1UP.com
Ah, the full ESRB/Jerry Bonner piece from EGM is now posted.

Free Pixel » Go watch 'Afterworld'
Heard some early hype for this cross-media machinima-ish mini-show, but doesn't seem to have taken off, buzzwise - some interesting comments here though.

CALTROPS -- Article: The Top 100 Indie Games
Gigantic random fun list alert.

The Escapist : Where Things are Hollow
Wait, The Escapist wrote an article interviewing The Escapist's Yahtzee about being famous and beloved? Love you guys, but yep, all a bit self-reflexive.

Rock Band night brings out the fans -- and game's creators - The Boston Globe
"We wanted this to be: get your friends together and go nuts... then," he added, "we want you to buy an instrument and start a real band."

The HarmoNESica
Witty NES cart hack alert! Via Waxy.