- Aha, one of the most amazing art forms out there is that of the hacked 2D fighting game, and one of the latest GameSetLinks finds a Street Fighter II bootleg infinitely more crazy than the (pictured) Rainbow Edition - extremely awesome.

On this type of subject, my colleague Brandon Sheffield has been traversing the globe of recent, getting interviews (well, he was out in Texas last week at Gamecock's EIEIO, and at Capcom's press day on Monday!)

One of his chats was with Street Fighter II remixxy supremo David Sirlin, so expect to see hyper-detailed discussions about Dhalsim's hit boxes (or whatever extreme gameplay-balancing nerds talk about!) up on Gamasutra in the next few weeks. Anyhow, onward to the linkses:

Subatomic Brainfreeze: Life is too short to be little, and Kouryu is ONE BIG COUNTRY
Oh, Street Fighter II bootlegs! 'Kouryu is a game that seeks out to make Rainbow Edition look normal by lacing it with PCP, and it is an overwhelming success.'

Tale of Tales» Blog Archive » Games in Star Trek
With _lots_ of screencaps - rather charming.

Terra Nova: Human Data as a Playfield: The Passively Multiplayer Online Game
I still think this is too bonkers to work as a business, but it's conceptually awesome.

DadHacker » Blog Archive » Donkey Kong and Me
Great story on creating the Atari 800 version of DK - via Slashdot.

The Independent Gaming Source: "Blueberry Garden" Sneak Peek Trailer Looks Sweet
Another very neat-looking, mysterious 2D alt.indie title.

Games That Launched the Band - GameCareerGuide.com
EA's Steve Schnur on the Electronic Arts soundtrack experience.

tooNormal » Engines, Names and Evolution - Part 3
Read the others in the series - some really fun DIY game engine talk.

The Triforce » Blog Archives » OLL and Some Introspective Musing on Creativity
Worth mentioning that Eurogamer are helping to broadcast the rather excellent One Life Left podcast now.

Values At Play » Blog Archive » Better Game Contest Spring 2008
Cool... the results of the first competition aren't out yet tho? By the 15th, apparently.

Amazon.com: EA: Celebrating 25 Years of Interactive Entertainment: Mojo Media: Books
Just spotted this at Best Buy, an EA coffee-table book, has had absolutely NO press, looks intriguing. Very odd.