- Yeehah, there's all kinds of fun GameSetLinks zooming up in this set - particularly the new Olympics-themed ARG, which looks like it's going to go in some really interesting directions.

Transmedia gaming is, perhaps, a little overhyped, but when the future of advertising revolves around engaging the audience in clever, community-based ways, I can only see more companies and efforts based around smart interactive ARG-type things, rather than your standard 30-second TV ad. Hurray. Now, links:

PopMatters Multimedia Feature | The Carolina Games Summit Through the Eyes of the Ex-Core
An obscure conference, but a fun little write-up.

Vintage Computing and Gaming: How China Warrior Ruined My Childhood
'In my zeal to possess the ultimate in video game entertainment, I foolishly traded in Super Mario Bros. 3 and another NES game (I can’t remember which) for China Warrior.'

Write the Game » Interview with Kristen Perry
Neat interview with ArenaNet, Valve-utilized concept artist and community mainstay.

z a c k h i w i l l e r » Promised GDC Post #1: Indie Game Inspirations
Some nice IGF Pavilion impressions.

ARGNet: The Lost Ring: Taking the Blindfold Off
Jane McGonigal + Olympics Committee + McDonalds-supported ARG? Whoa.

Missing in Action: Scrolling Fighters « Arcade Heroes
Shame this genre isn't too well, yeah - still, in the non-arcade arena, Castle Crashers (pictured) is coming for XBLA.

PlayStationMuseum.com - Gen13
Lots and lots of info on early dev, alphas for the canned PS1 franchise.

3DO Interactive Multiplayer - Kamachi's Museum.
Incredibly obscure 3DO title: 'Yamada Kamachi was a 17 year old Japanese kid who died in 1977. He remains something of a phenomena.'

USS - a portfolio of probabilities - a photoset on Flickr
Oh my God, more Syd Mead-designed games, please - though his site says he concept designed Bounty Hounds, wha?

JEANSNOW.NET — More Than Fez
6955 on a No More Heroes remix album? Totally awesome.