A couple of interesting tidbits related to the biggest game weblog in the world which I feel GSW must compile together into a coherent, slightly cheeky Kotaku-filled whole. So we will!

Firstly, you may have seen Kotaku EIC Brian Crecente debating silly game-related child predator stories on Fox News. But it turns out that awesome new game blog Eegra has unearthed a previously unknown pilot for a Crecente video game review show.

It's a review of Super Smash Bros Brawl - and it's so amazing, so theatrical, and therefore so YouTube-d below (make sure you hang on for the 'Day Note' writing at the end!)

On another Kotaku-related tack entirely, there's an interesting Portfolio.com article about Gawker Media (via Nelson) is discussing pay for Gawker.com writers based on their pageviews. I think it might be possible, extrapolating from that discussion, to have a go for Kotaku, but it's the weekend, and that's a bit much even for stats hogs such as me.

Still, the interesting thing about the article is that it points out a somewhat uncommented on Kotaku stats page, which actually lists total page views per writer for the past 6 months - including me, from my guest stint in November, even (yes, not many page views, shh, my 'appeal is becoming more selective', to cite Spinal Tap).

Anyhow, there are some bugs resulting in duplication (and who knows, it could additionally be busted!), but getting out the calculator for a minute to smoosh them together, we can work out the following. In February, the Kotaku massif managed to scare up the following total and per-editor page view score (remember this was GDC month, so extra kerfuffle!):

TOTAL FOR SPECIFIC AUTHOR PAGES, FEB 2008 = 13,258,100 page views
Brian Ashcraft = 2,317,874 page views
Michael McWhertor = 2,270,321 page views
Luke Plunkett = 2,186,295 page views
Brian Crecente = 1,697,596 page views
Mike Fahey = 1,617,459 page views
Mark Wilson = 1,603,039 page views
Flynn DeMarco = 848,035 page views
Maggie Greene = 248,775 page views
[+ various other legacy folks under that.]

[NOTE: That isn't the overall page view total for Kotaku, of course - just for individual pages. If you take into account indexes and other things, according to Sitemeter, looks like the entire site did 33.8 million page views in February 2008. That ratio (individual author page views to whole site page views) doesn't seem right to me, but hey.]

So, obviously, page views don't necessarily denote quality of coverage and vary widely based on when people post and what kind of 'breaking' stories come their way in that time. And heck, I don't mind admitting that GSW gets but a couple of hundred thousand page views a month, which is why it's an unmonetized editor blog and not our sole source of income.

But stats are fun! And we're pretty sure Brian's page views will surge after he does more of those video reviews!