[As previously trailed, Andy Baio from Waxy.org is attending GDC as a guest 'Web 2.0/geek culture/game culture crossover' observer, and blogging about it on his popular blog and GameSetWatch. Here's a quick geek-out update from Wednesday night's Valve shindig.]

At the risk of turning Waxy [and GameSetWatch!] into a Jonathan Coulton fan site, he performed a short set at the Valve Software's Steam Party capped by a finale of "Still Alive" performed on Rock Band, backed by the Harmonix developers on guitar and drums.

JoCo covers himself on Rock Band

I'm pretty sure this is the only published photo of their final score, a 5-star performance:

Jonathan Coulton's final score, backed by the Harmonix team

And yes, Coulton sang his own song on "Easy." (Afterwards, he said the Harmonix guys lowered the difficulty because thought the crowd noise would mess it up.)

Shortly after the set, I saw a tipsy geek hop on stage to copy the unreleased song from the Xbox 360 with a USB key before a Harmonix team member tackled him. I discovered he wrote up the story this morning, which was a fun read.

[SIMON'S ADDENDUM: I ran into Harmonix's Ryan Lesser at the IGF Pavilion yesterday, and in the course of our chat (he was checking out the awesome IGF music games like Audiosurf and Fret Nice!) he mentioned that full album downloads for Rock Band - my most-wanted feature - are still in the process of being worked on, yay.]