Over at the ScottishGames.biz site (which is as excellent a regional primer for Scotland as Sumea is for Australia, incidentally), they've published an article pointing out some wonderful historical pictures/videos from Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings creator DMA Design (now Rockstar North).

As Brian Baglow explains: "Mike Dailly, one of the originals from DMA has uploaded several photo sets to Flickr, showing the background daily life of DMA from the early 90's right through to the point the company became Gremloid/Rockstarred."

And for game geeks, there's all kinds of amazing stuff there - how about a 3D visualization "to better visualise isometric rendering... in the 1st GTA prototype", and pictures from a never-released 'Kid Kirby' game, presumably for the Super Nintendo, blimey.

There's also concept art from AnnArchy, an early prototype that never got off the ground (and wasn't Penny Arcade-related!), and even the original animation Mike did that inspired Lemmings.

Mike's YouTube videos also include a Lawnmower Man game concept from DMA, plus an early office tour and DMA Xmas party footage. Yay - as far as preserving game history goes, it would be wonderful if more developers could take time to dig out and post forgotten gems such as this, helping to get them out there online and available for game geeks to coo over.