Well, after my first YouTube trawl, for cover versions of Portal/Jonathan Coulton's 'Still Alive', got linked all to heck, I realized that the online video sites are getting so expansive and so difficult to filter that there's call for a few more of these.

This time, in honor of Masaya Matsuura and Rodney Greenblat re-uniting to make Major Minor's Majestic March for the Wii (the title of which was correctly leaked by Surfer Girl last month, for those doubting her contacts), I thought we'd run through the Top 10 moments centered around the Parappa The Rapper/UmJammer Lammy game series.

Though they never broke through in quite the way Sony intended, and some - even the creators - suggest the Parappa series (including spinoffs) suffered from diminishing returns. But the wonderful character designs, catchy music, whimsical lyrics, godfather-of-rhythm-game gameplay, and Sunny Funny stylings make the series close to many's hearts - as you'll see below.

10. De La Soul Gotta Believe

A lot of people seem not to like Parappa The Rapper 2. But it's still a heck of a lot of fun, and importantly, it connected the series to its main musical influencers, De La Soul (the first Parappa is _so_ 'Three Feet High and Rising') for a special single of 'I Gotta Believe', complete with custom music video.

9. PSP 'Cheap Cheap' Contest Winner

When Parappa came out on the PSP last year, there was a special Chop Chop Master Onion contest to make a video of the 'Cheap Cheap' chicken stage - and this was the winner. It's pretty disturbing, yes - but there are plenty of more disturbing entries.

8. The Parappa Anime... Translated?

The Parappa anime is not really that well known - partly because it never made it Stateside, but partly because it's not that good, sadly. But it just popped up on YouTube is a fansubbed episode of the series, for those who want to see what all the (lack of) fuss is about.

7. Parappa Puppet Pals... Assemble!

This one's got some production value - it's specially filmed, and "It's Parappa the Rapper, puppet style! PJ tells a scary story by the campfire for Parappa, Sunny, and Katy. "

6. P'Rappa's Nth Mile Dilemma: A Ghettotastic Rap-VENTURE!

I don't believe this fan movie ever actually got released [EDIT: Oh wait, it did, but the official site for it is down] but here's the trailer, and a description - "Inspired by the game Parappa the Rapper for PS1 (and borrowing bits from 8 Mile), Nth Mile is a tribute to the great, simple story of a puppy who raps his way into a flower's heart."

5. The Rightful 'Cheap Cheap' Contest Winner?

We already saw who won the PlayStation.com contest for Parappa's PSP release - but here's what some think is a much better version of the rap - or at least, much goofier, haw.

4. Lammy's Own Music Video

I'd been looking for this for years, so glad to see it turns up on YouTube (albeit with a GameSpot watermark on it!) - it's a special Um Jammer Lammy music video with lots of custom rendered footage, and as one of the commenters mentioned, is the closest we might get to visualizing a next-gen Lammy game. Great song, too.

3. Parappa The Raver

Really, I don't know what to say - it's Parappa The Raver. Glowsticks!

2. The 'Floppy-Haired Idiot' Approach

Blimey, it's some crazy indie kids rocking out to Chop Chop Master Onion. Surprisingly entertaining.

1. The Original Parappa Swedish Chefs

Probably what helped to inspire the PlayStation.com contest, this was a Bachelor's degree thesis project (!) from Sweden, apparently part of "a project about marketing games through live performances, in order to focus on the game's feel". With a live backing band and special mics, this is completely, completely awesome.

[And to finish off, a whole bunch of bonus vids - an autistic interpretation of 'Cheap Cheap', the curlers and squat-thrusts lipsync approach, some rapping in gym class, an odd Japanese commercial, a Lammy Japanese commercial, a scary Crash vs. Parappa commercial, a cute Gorillaz/Parappa mash-up, and the Western-edited 'Hell' stage from Lammy. Phew.]