[We sent Games On Deck editor, IGF Mobile co-ordinator and Gamasutra contributor Mathew Kumar to cover the N+ for Xbox Live Arcade 'almost launch party' in his adopted hometown of Toronto, Canadia (that's how you spell it, right?) This was the torrid but awesome result.]

N(ipples)+ Everyday Hooters

So a few weeks ago, roughly seconds after I got an invite to Metanet Software's N+ launch party at the Gladstone Hotel (which I immediately promised to go to, as I missed an earlier PR event arranged by Microsoft) I received both an IM from Simon Carless (our benevolent overlord) and an e-mail from Brandon Sheffield (Insert Credit’s not-even-vaguely benevolent overlord) asking me to go and cover it.

In what capacity, I wondered?

“I don’t know,” was the response (from one or the other) “Just write 300 words or something on it.”

So, without much of an assignment I just decided to be as sensationalistic as possible (even though GamesetWatch doesn’t pay for hits). As you’ll notice from the picture above, the N+ launch party was a night of wild debauchery! I won’t reveal the identities of the developers caught in the act of flashing us even though we asked (nay, begged) them not to, but the caption should give you some hints.


The crowded masses at the event. Notice the fellow to the left there, gesturing as to how large something is! We’ll leave what to your imagination. (The hand on the right is describing how large it really is.)


People play N+! Note the special N+ Xbox 360 faceplates.


Mare (Sheppard, she of Metanet software) made them. They’re very neat.


Jim Munroe (director of Freeware Rebellion, and of the Artsy Games Incubator) brought a baby. The beer is the baby’s, because that's just how wild things were.


There is something hilarious about this hat, I'm sure, but I was too far away to find out.


Everyday Shooter’s Jon Mak drinks Irish whiskey and looks sleazy.


This is the stack of drinks tickets that were on hand for people to get totally blotto on (which they did.) Note the sweet N+ pins. I didn’t get one, because I wasn’t paying attention at the time, sadly.


Raigan (Burns, also of Metanet) plays his own game. The first thing he did was kill himself, which makes it seem likely that he’s not going to be at the top of the leaderboard on Xbox Live on his own game forever like Jeff Minter was. Later, he would talk for about 40 minutes on how NHL 2001 was probably his favorite game ever. He even liked the original Driver! All the other indie developers are going to mock Raigan at the Indie Game Summit now I’ve revealed this, probably.

All in all, everyone had a lovely time, N+ is excellent (though, obviously, brutally hard) and it’s probably going to be released next week. Unless Bill Gates changes his mind.