- [Jeez Louise, GDC is hopping this year. Go check out the Gamasutra coverage page for GDC 2008 for the full rundown - there's literally 10+ new session write-ups every day right now, with all kinds of awesome insight.

But I particularly wanted to point out that Microsoft sent us an in-depth piece for our XNA microsite on how community-distributed Xbox 360 games work, with a lot of interesting specifics and screenshots - here's the overview.]

Following the GDC keynote unveiling of XNA-created community-distributed games for Xbox Live, Microsoft's Dax Hawkins goes in-depth on exactly how game submission, review, and posting will work for the Spring beta of the service.

As part of the new sponsored feature, created for Microsoft's Gamasutra-based XNA microsite, Hawkins explains the details for XNA Creators Club members:

"As many have foreseen – and passionately anticipated – the next step for community game development is to let creators share their games widely with others. We are pleased to announce that in spring of this year we will enable community game distribution with a beta for Xbox LIVE.

As a premium (paid) XNA Creators Club member, you’ll be able to share your games with other creators via Xbox LIVE Marketplace. (For information on becoming a premium member, see XNA Creators Club Premium Membership.) After the beta, you’ll be able to share your games with 10 million Xbox LIVE users.

This article provides general instructions on how to prepare your game for submission. It goes over the guidelines for acceptable content, describes the peer-review system, and shows you how to download and play a community game. Some of the procedures for the beta differ from the general procedures. This article will specify the beta differences."

You can now read the full Gamasutra sponsored feature on the subject, with plenty of details and screenshots on how submission and review will work, possible rejection criteria, and what the approved games will look like on the service.