[Gamasutra and GameSetWatch contributor Vincent Diamante has been documenting this year's Game Developers Conference in visual form. Here's his look at the 2007 Game Developers Choice Awards, held on Wednesday night at the Moscone Center - and in which Portal came away with Game Of The Year.]

Choice Awards presenter and Crash Bandicoot co-creator Jason Rubin.

A first appearance from multiple award-winners Kim Swift and the Portal folks.

BioShock gets the nod for Best Audio

ThatGameCompany and Flow picks up Best Downloadable Game.

Jason Della Rocca rocks it as the first-ever Ambassador Award winner.

Pong designer Al Alcorn introduced the Pioneer Award Winner

Computer game inventor Ralph Baer rightfully receives his Pioneer Award

Ken Levine gesticulates happily after BioShock wins for Best Writing.

Sid Meier and his Lifetime Achievement Award get friendly.

The denouement - Portal wins out for Game Of The Year.

[Other pictures of the Game Developers Choice award winners, including photos of the other winners and presenters, are available on Vincent's Flickr stream.]