So, while we've been posting about all kinds of randomness on GameSetWatch, my colleagues have been posting some neat features and special reports from DICE in Las Vegas, over on big sister site Gamasutra.

Therefore, here's the major features from this week - including Kurt Kalata's Dragon Quest history adapted from HG101, and a neat Rare-written education feature, plus Richard Garriott and Digital Extremes interviews - here goes:

- Interview: Richard Garriott Is From Mars
"You may think you know Ultima and Tabula Rasa creator Richard Garriott, but do you really understand Lord British? Gamasutra goes off-topic to chat to Garriott about games as art, his influences, and much more."

- Maximizing Your Job Hunt At GDC
"Looking for a job (or a new job) in the industry at Game Developers Conference? Game HR veteran T.J. Summers pinpoints the key things you can do to maximize your efficiency and accomplish your objectives at this year's show."

- Academic Expansion - How Rare Recruits Graduates
"In this in-depth piece, senior Rare developer Nick Burton explains how the Viva Pinata and Perfect Dark developer works with academia to nurture graduates, warning against 'cherry picking' and explaining how your developer can grow the pool of skilled game creators."

- Into The Sector: Digital Extremes' Steve Sinclair
"Digital Extremes' PS3 and Xbox 360 action title Dark Sector is a vital title for both the Canadian developer and backer D3Publisher - Gamasutra quizzes project lead Steve Sinclair on next-gen development and its storied history."

- The History of Dragon Quest
"While Final Fantasy can grab a lot of the limelight, the Dragon Quest/Warrior games make up one of the most important RPG franchises of all time - Gamasutra goes in-depth to chart the series' more than 20-year design evolution."

OK, and here's the DICE neatness, all clustered in one wonderful place - the exec summit took place this week in Las Vegas, and Gamasutra staffers Brandon Sheffield and Christian Nutt were there to report the following:

DICE: Mass Effect, Bioshock, Rock Band Devs On Developing Narrative
DICE: Matsuura Sees More Possibilities For Music Games (Matsuura pictured above!)
DICE Keynote: EA's Riccitiello On A New Future For Publishing
AIAS Names Call of Duty 4 Game Of The Year
DICE: Namco's Hector On Character From Sonic to Afro Samurai
DICE: ESA's Gallagher Urges Industry To Strive For More
DICE: Mizuguchi Talks Artistry And Commerce In Concert
DICE: Team Blizzard On Building Its 17 Year Success
DICE: Microsoft's Kim Takes Tough Questions On Console War
DICE Fight Club: Industry Vets Debate Retail Vs. Microtransations
DICE Fight Club: Budgets, Not Consolidation Edging Out Innovation
DICE Q&A: Verbinski Talks IP Challenges, Innovation
DICE Keynote: Gore Verbinski Urges Creativity, 'Madness'