- Back for the week with a multitude of new GameSetLinks, headed by Matteo Bittanti's questioning of a few recent articles - particularly the new one in EGM - about PS3's 'revenge'.

Bittanti suggests of PS3's apparent renaissance: "You'll realize that the argument is completely based on speculation and "what if" scenarios. In other words, we are fully immersed in that realm of speculative fiction also known as gaming journalism".

Mind you, he also says that "...the internet has a great memory." While old websites and the Wayback Machine do, actually, I think most people who consume the Internet have _terrible_ memories, and are swept along on the latest trend. Including myself, yay! Anyhow, here's stuff:

mbf [email protected]: When a preview is not a preview?
'I find vaguely ironic that the gaming press, en masse, has now decided that the PS3 is going to rule the universe.' I've noticed this trend too - though not to this extent, perhaps.

Ratings Watch: Mr. Driller Online and Assault Heroes 2...again. | XBLArcade.com
Oo, Mr. Driller, there's a game I'd love to play on XBLA.

Action Button's Tim Rogers reviews Portal
Obligatory auto-fellatio 'portal' discussions are fortunately included.

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Freeware Game Pick: Qrp (Sean Chan)
Like a commenter says: 'Not much of a game, but terribly cute.'

Gamefly's official description of Unreal Tournament III for PS3
'When the game says "Unreal," you know it's too good to be true.' Haha, they did NOT mean to make it sound like that, oddly prophetic as it now is.

Media Molecule blog » Blog Archive » Sackboy. Fo’ REAL.
More and more developers getting RSS-worthy blogs.

Rocking: Guitar Rising for Real Guitar Heroes
It's an amazing idea, but we'll have to see if the final project works out well - when I played an early version for the IGF, it had some execution issues. Also, it uses Stepmania as a tech base, interestingly.

NAMM Oddities 2008 - Guitars
Worth pointing at because surely the Guitar Hero custom guitar wave is going to break hard soon? I know there are some already...

The Shifted Librarian » Dance Your Fines Away
'Last year, I noted a librarian who waives the fines of patrons who play DDR against her. This year, the Wadleigh Memorial Library makes it an official part of its Patron Appreciation Day.'

Billionaire Boys Club Blog » New Web Releases
Pharrell Williams and Nigo from Bape's clothing label has a 'car crash' T-shirt (scroll down) that looks very Gizmondo Ferrari to me. Just $80!