- Wow, you know - GDC is coming up really soon now, and we're all scrambling to get ready here. In the meantime, some wonderful GameSetLinks, including Jason Scott on King Of Kong (one final time!), and a Forbes article on the future of gaming that may or may not be well-informed.

I also enjoyed Cliffski's Bit-Tech article on game genres and why we should freestyle it just a little bit with regard to conventions. I think he's right that it's great to be different, but as he points out: "When I try to see how my turn-based strategic life-sim game Kudos is selling, I often have trouble finding it as nobody knows which category to put it in." Lack of pigeonholing = reduced sales, pretty often, *sigh*.

Cryptic Sea: Blood Car! 2000! Deluxe!
'A great work of art or the greatest work of art? You decide.'

bit-tech.net | The Curse of Genre
Democracy's Cliffski sez: 'the problem is we have got so used to slotting games into genres we have all but forgotten how cool it was before they existed.'

The Future Of Videogames - Forbes.com
'Within 10 years, guilds formed on "War of Warcraft" or other online games will become offline political forces.' 'War Of Warcraft'?

IGN Blogs - N+ - Freeware!
Raigan and Mare using their IGN developer blog to spread the good freeware word.

FilePlanet: Independent Game Festival Finalists Portal
Wow, thanks, FilePlanet guys, this is awesome - we didn't even ask them!

Waxy.org: Oscilloscope Fun and Games
The Assembly demo (complete with sine scroller!) is great - Geometry Wars for oscilloscope is my Lazyweb suggestion for the day.

ASCII by Jason Scott: The King of Wrong: Final Words (Many of Them)
Last words, yes, and that's very plural :)

The Racoon City Times: Danny Interviews Patrick J. doody, one of the writers of silent hill 5
Some interesting new info - via Chris' Survival Horror Quest.

Blogspot: 'Skater Boy Tell 'Em' gaming insider blog
In my opinion, this is a smart person without any major inside knowledge, as opposed to Surfer Girl. Could be wrong, of course.

Arcade Renaissance: Street Fighter Online Mouse Generation details and customization screens
'In a lot of ways, SFO: Mouse Generation is essentially being marketed as the Smash Brothers of the Street Fighter universe.'