Aha, time for a few more GameSetLinks, we fear, and among them as Jason Scott's steely rant on why documentary The King Of Kong sacrifices truth for a good story. And you know, having seen the movie on DVD at the weekend finally, I think he's at least partly right.

The whole concept of 'dramatized reality' seems to be getting increasingly common - see cunning cuts on reality shows like The Amazing Race to make it seem like teams are closer together, and especially the faux-reality of shows like Laguna Beach.

And now, there's a video game documentary that's almost as selective, but incredibly entertaining because of that. It's bittersweet for me, because I was entertained - but still felt like I'd maybe been cheated out of what really happened. Still... maybe it's closer to objective than we think, mm?

But onward to the links:

Hollywood Reporter: 'And the award for best video game writing is ...'
The main bar to entering the WGA awards is that you have to be a WGA member (or have applied to be one) - not made totally clear here!

Romance Novel Reviews: 'On Books That Make You Dumb, and Reading Pornographically'
Shih Tzu points out this odd musing 'on the connection between bad literature that one enjoys anyway and an epiphany had during a video game music concert.'

The Cut Scene - Video Game Blog by Variety
Newish blog, good stuff, too.

ASCII by Jason Scott: The King of Wrong
Watched this at the weekend, loved it but felt like it was skewed, a la M.Moore. Not sure how far, still.

YouTube - Half life: Full Life Consequences
Garry's Mod + crazy people = scary

Mechanically Separated Meat ยป Super Mario World vs. the Many-Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Physics
Yikes, Mario madness.

Eegra : A Trouserful of Melody: Fami-mode 2008
A neat YMCK, 6955 concert in the Japan, all NGJ-ed up for your pleasure.

Spectromancer - online CCG in open Beta
Co-developed by Magic creator Richard Garfield - via The-Inbetween.

Emily Enough: Imprisoned - Introductions and Asides | The New Gamer
Examining an intriguing indie adventure title.

Play This Thing! - Game Focus Germany event report
Thanks to some good speaker wrangling from Jurie Horneman, this was an interesting event.