A little more GameSetLink-age up your wazoo, and there's some fun stuff here - and I actually really like the fake SomethingAwful article from Hunter S. Thompson on the Spike VGAs.

Sure, nobody can really emulate the gonzo originator (even you, Rogers!), but it just shows that personal experiences need recounting more often in video game surroundings - even if they're fictional discussions of journeys through Bat Country, perhaps. Anyhow, onward:

Zen of Design»Blog Archive » Great Moments in Community Management
With a crapload of great comments adding to the three starters.

VIDEOLUDICA: Game On exhibition hits Melbourne
...with new sections on MMOs and machinima, apparently. The Mysterious Grassroots Gamemaster
Sirlin likes him a bit more than me, but I agree with the 'come out and play' comment.

SomethingAwful: Hunter S. Thompson Files His Belated Report on the 2007 Spike Video Game Awards
This is oddly moving - via Leigh.

NCSX: Oshiri Kajiri Mushi no Rhythm Lesson DS: Kawai Ongaku Kyoushitsu Kanshuu
'In Sega's upcoming Rhythm Lesson DS, the insects serve as music teachers where rhythm exercises on virtual instruments are all that's needed to become somewhat musically inclined.' 'Barnyard Blast out Friday'
The sardonic hand of Gamasutra's Brandon Sheffield helped out with writing on this DS oddity.

Habitat Chronicles: Chip and Randy cut loose!
Yahoo! lays off the original graphical MMO creators - who were working on something skunkwork-y. Iiinteresting.

Game-Ism: 'So What Do You Do?'
A game creator laments: 'For some reason, when I’m out in public, with the rest of the general population, I hide what I do at my job.'

From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games: US Army Sniper School in Halo
Army sponsorship for Halo 3 tutorial videos, I think?

Cult Classics: PlayStation 2 Article // PS2 /// Eurogamer
'...recommended for adventurous souls with a taste for the eclectic.'

PC Feature: The Many Deaths of Lord British -
Cute idea.