Ah, yes, a new cornucopia of GameSetLinks, headed by the New York Times talking about reviewers and gamers getting out of sync (ah, a subject I may have broached recently!), as well as another awesome installation of GameTap's 'No Country For Old Arcades' features.

Also on the list - Platinum Games goes all Facebook-y, the PSN updates are delineated, the Guitar Zeros rock out in video form, and all kinds of other fun. One, two, three, four:

In the List of Top-Selling Games, Clear Evidence of a Sea Change - - New York Times
'The growth in the now $18 billion gaming market is in simple, user-friendly experiences that families and friends can enjoy together.'

IndieGames.com - The Weblog - Doujin Game Pick: Uwabami Breakers (Nonbekai)
A Japanese fan-shooter (pictured) in which you're "a female drunk who gains power by destroying alcoholic drinks or substances... a boss will appear and attempt to kick you out of their establishment when you're drunk enough."

Crispy Gamer - launched in Beta!
John Keefer's new consumer game site, with a pretty neat all-star line-up of contributors. Not sure I agree entirely with the angle, tho - does anyone care about reviews any more? We'll see, there's some feature diversity in there too.

No Country for Old Arcades: Keystone II - Features - GameTap
Wow, a secretive San Jose fighting game utopia - I had no idea.

GameTap Forums: 'FREE Games at GameTap! Start Here!'
Former Gamasutra editor Frank Cifaldi, now a GameTapper, runs down the currently free titles at the aggregator - some surprisingly good oldskool/arcade stuff in here.

Does Portal’s Success Presage Game Industry Shift? - GigaOM
An Au post I can agree with, since it's largely minus invective! Good show.

ABCNews.com covers the Independent Games Festival
'The festival showcases fresh new video game ideas that have yet to be watered down or corrupted by mainstream publishers.' Yay mainstream coverage.

Facebook | PlatinumGames Inc.
English translations, videos, news from the blog of JP developer Platinum Games (you know, the ex-Clover guys, Viewtiful Joe, Resident Evil, etc) - v.neat.

PSN Content 01/31/08 - NeoGAF
By far the best way to keep up - someone make PSNArcade.com already or something.

Plasticky Goodness // Current
Neat video about The Guitar Zeros, real band using GH instruments.