Aha, the latest set of GameSetLinks is upon us already, and they seem to include a fun new title from Crayon Physics creator Petri Purho in which you have to type words correctly to win the day.

This, of course, reminds of the gorgeously fun Typing Of The Dead, which needs to come to some kind of console downloadable service (at least, one on a machine that allows a USB keyboard to be plugged in!) some time in the near future.

It's on GameTap, which is a good start, but the saga must continue in the West, darn it, esp. now Typing Of The Dead 2 came out in Japan. Anyhow:

Cryptic Sea: Coil
More awesome experimental Flash oddness from the Gish co-creator.

MTV Multiplayer » The Case Of The Missing DS Drawing Games
I appreciate articles like this which start with a thesis.

Saving Games Workshop | Madness & Games
Not directly video game related, but really darn interesting.

TechCrunch: Play A Multiplayer Online Game While Surfing The Web: PMOG
Justin Hall's surreal concept gets some more press - neeto.

The Game Has Changed: Entertainment & Culture: vanityfair.com
Vanity Fair looks at LucasArts' game renaissance, comes away impressed.

Moogle.net » Blog Archive » The Team Game
Games are made by teams, he points out. And it's true! Via Tyler Sigman.

Kloonigames » Blog Archive » Grammar Nazi
Petri 'Crayon Physics' Purho's latest game, typing long words FTW!

Nullsleep | 2007.11.30 Blip Festival 2007 @ Eyebeam - New York, NY
Haha, can totally see Matt 'Fort90' Hawkins dancing like a loon in the front row.

GameDev.net -- IGF 08 Interviews Part 1
Neat, a first set of 5 finalist interviews - great to see GameDev.net supporting.

Why Perfect Entertainment Died -| Artículo | Aventura y CÍA
Talking about a Naked Gun-themed adventure game? Blimey! Via Jason Scott.