- Yoiks, all kinds of new GameSetLinks here. And while I'm here, can I mention - the sheer amount of wonderful weblogs about video games nowadays pretty much beggars belief. From developer blogs through micro-niches and beyond, it's awesome.

And that's why, even if I don't have as much chance to do original pieces or research thanks to work craziness, I'll always be busting out well-considered pieces from friends, acquaintances, and game bloggers from all over.

And that's my manifesto, folks. Here wii go:

Channel 4 gets ready to educate | Games | Guardian Unlimited
Alice 'WonderlandBlog' Taylor is doing really interesting pseudo-public broadcasting stuff with games using TV budgets in the UK - see Six To Start below.

Beyond the Box: Orange Box Afterthoughts from 1UP.com
Gabe Newell is always worth listening to.

Escaping to the Land of the Baffling Pull-Quote (Magical Wasteland)
Oop, The Escapist gets some gentle poking.

Teaching Game Design: Everything I Need to Know about Teaching Game Design, I Learned in Kindergarten
Barnyard developers, innit?

Looky Touchy: Mini-Rant: The Orange Box
On why The Orange Box shouldn't be treated as a game for awards purposes - we agreed, which is why we split Choice Awards nominees (Portal, Ep. 2, TF2) out from the Box.

Autobiographical Neuropsychology: I Was Programmed by Tetris to be a Better Person
Lisa Katayama: 'At a young age, my brain was hijacked by the game of Tetris. Now it helps me navigate through life.'

VIDEOLUDICA: Into The Pixel exhibit in SF during GDC
Open until March, didn't know about this!

ARG start-up Six to Start wins £100k investment | Media | guardian.co.uk
Perplex City folks doing some fun things, we fear.

YouTube: 'Super Mario Fusion' movies
Lots of fangame vids for the cute Mario Vs. Halo project.