- Honestly, I'm a little tired here to think straight, but just wanted to pass along the stuff I personally wrote up from the first day of Gamasutra's GDC 2008 coverage - specifically the Indie Game Summit stuff - but check out the above links for LOTS more awesome coverage.

The first day of IGS seemed a little uneven in places, careening wildly from Introversion discussing branding to some pretty high-end Mak/Santiago/Koskinen design talk to Tom Buscaglia adlibbing.

But everyone had something important to contribute, and there were particular highlights in the Aquaria postmortem and Q's Dylan Cuthbert revealing the frankly gorgeous-looking PixelJunk Eden. And here's the write-ups:

- IGS: Q Games' Cuthbert Reveals PixelJunk Eden, Postmortems Series
"In the final Independent Games Summit lecture of Monday, Kyoto, Japan-based Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert discussed the PixelJunk series for the PS3's PlayStation Network, revealing the first-ever video of psychedelic PSN title PixelJunk Eden."

- IGS: The State Of Flash Games
"The Flash games panel at the Independent Games Summit on GDC at Monday showed an interesting dichotomy of different approaches to making money from Web browser-based games - though it's clear that the monetization angle is still being explored."

- IGS: N+ Creator On Game Creation's 'Unique Knobs'
"In an afternoon Independent Games Summit talk, Metanet's Raigan Burns (N+) discussed creativity and the making of unique technology to make unique gameplay, referencing games from Portal to Braid in his quest to discover how simple tech concepts can grow into great games."

- IGS: Inside The Making Of Aquaria
"In a well-received Independent Games Summit lecture, Derek Yu and Alec Holowka from Bit-Blot discussed Aquaria, the IGF Grand Prize winner from last year, presenting a postmortem of their critically acclaimed 2D underwater action title."

- IGS Keynote: Flow, Everyday Shooter Creators Talk Gaming Ethos
"In an intriguing and wide-ranging Independent Games Summit keynote, ThatGameCompany's Kellee Santiago (Flow), Queasy Games' Jon Mak (Everyday Shooter), and cult mod maker/previous IGF finalist Pekko Koskinen took three short presentations to showcase in-depth concepts on independent game design."