The virtual collection embodiment of Atari historian and arcade machine collector Scott Evans - formerly housed at - is incredibly important, containing a lot of incredibly rare prototypes and documentation built up over time and purchased after Atari Games' Milpitas office closed down a few years back.

So, the exciting news is that Scott is updating again on his new URL,, after no updates through most of 2007, and he's posting absolutely amazing scans of documentation based around the creation of some of the most enduring Atari arcade games of all time.

For example, stored in the Document Library are PDFs including "Centipede Documentation. Over 60 pages of memos, design docs, field test reports and other interesting information" - with handwritten design suggestions from Atari execs - and the full Marble Madness design document, as well as rare info from the (pictured) proto-only sequel. Brilliant. [Via Atari Age.]