- [Just wanted to reprint this release in full, because it's a pretty big deal for game awards in general - and the IGF and Choice Awards in particular. This is the first time that an indie game awards or the Choice Awards have been televised (though they have been streamed in previous years), and G4 is available to 64 million North American viewers through cable and satellite, so.. yay.

Personal bias notwithstanding, I think this is good for the industry. I also heard there are IGF-specific segments on the finalists airing during the week - neat! Thanks to Jamil and other colleagues for making it happen.]

LOS ANGELES, February 14, 2008 - It's where the videogame industry's great minds meet and the only way in is through G4. For five consecutive nights, "X-Play" will deliver G4's exclusive coverage of the week-long Game Developers Conference (GDC), the annual gathering of industry professionals, where the most talented and influential share their ideas about the past, present and future of the gaming industry.

Broadcasting directly from the show floor and reporting on the biggest developments and most important keynotes, "X-Play," the most watched videogame series on television, will premiere never before seen gameplay, introduce viewers to the biggest developers, participate in hands-on demos of next-generation games, and take viewers inside with exclusive coverage of the eighth annual Game Developers Choice Awards and the tenth annual Independent Games Festival.

This coverage will culminate in a Special of the Awards Night, featuring the IGF and Choice Awards, to be broadcast shortly after the GDC. "X-Play" presents "The 2008 Game Developers Conference," beginning Monday, February 18. Coverage continues nightly through Friday, February 22, at the regularly scheduled time, 8 pm ET/PT.

Attended by more than 16,000 programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals and others involved in the development of videogames, GDC regularly features many of the year's biggest game announcements. "X-Play" hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb will provide in-depth updates on all of the event's news, and introduce viewers to the people behind the most popular games through exclusive interviews from the floor. G4 will also have coverage of all the major keynotes that reveal the future of gaming and the most eagerly anticipated hardware and software.

"GDC is the first and most important industry conference of the year, where the most innovative minds in the industry swap ideas and begin developing the games of the future," said Adam Sessler, host, "X-Play."

"'X-Play' viewers want the inside scoop on their favorite developers and we're there every night to make sure they get it," continued Morgan Webb, host, "X-Play."

"Having a broadcast partner like G4 supports our goal of getting the leading developers in the spotlight to share ideas and recognize their creative contribution," said Jamil Moledina, executive director, Game Developers Conference.

Highlights from "X-Play's" five nights of coverage will include:

* Game Developers Choice Awards - the game industry's only open, peer-based awards show where the recipients are chosen by those who know games best -- their creators. G4 will present highlights from the show, including the first interviews with the ceremony's big winners.

* Independent Games Festival - the largest competition for independent games highlights the innovative achievements of independent developers. G4 will introduce viewers to the teams and showcase their games.

Additional coverage will be available online at http://www.g4tv.com/xplay, including:

* Interactive elements such as polling, chat and video viewer mail, allowing viewers to interact with the broadcast in real time.

* The best of the on-air coverage, as well as web-exclusive interviews, breaking news, keynotes, game demos, previews and more, on the site and via streaming video.

* Video On Demand will feature clips and highlights from the broadcast and online coverage.

For more information on "X-Play," and online coverage of the GDC, please visit http://www.g4tv.com/xplay.