- We're running a gigantic set of five interviews on the state of the South Korean game industry over on Gamasutra today, made possible when editor Brandon Sheffield attended the massive G* game event in Seoul late last year.

In any case, there's longform interviews with Nexon, Webzen, Microsoft, T3, and Com2Us execs in there - possibly a bit too longform to take in all at once, so we'll reprint them gradually with studio profiles, heh - but I wanted to highlight this quote from Nexon's Stephen Lee (Maple Story is pictured), showing how as microtransaction-based models infiltrate the U.S., consoles are gradually infiltrating Korea - an interesting juxtaposition:

"Nintendo actually expanded their branch into Korea early this year. They're performing pretty aggressive marketing activities throughout the year. It's not as expected, compared to what Nintendo has been achieving in other markets, but it's doing fairly well, from what I've heard, and it's a good relationship with them as well. We'll have to see, but there has been piracy in most of the Asian territories, and that had been one of the main hindrances for the console market from growing. If gamers become aware of the fact that the copyright issue will eventually deprive them of their entertainment, and if the market... we hope that the gaming market as a whole will grow together. We'll eventually have to see how it goes, because we're also developing console games."

Anyhow, there's plenty of other interesting stuff in there, including info on the TV shows based on the online game Audition, some intriguing feedback on how Unreal Engine 3 was suited for Webzen's Huxley, and quite a few other tidbits - yay.