- [We'll be running extended versions of a few of these 2007 indie round-ups, cross-posted from our sister IndieGames.com blog, since editor Tim W. really knows his beans. This one's frivolous, but fun.]

The first of the 2007 Best Of Features here on the IndieGames.com.blog, we're proud to present a countdown of ten of the best freeware games released by cactus in 2007. IndieGames.com interviewed Cactus, who is a current IGF finalist with Clean Asia!, back in November, and Gamelab.com also recently quizzed him in more detail, particularly commenting on:

"The quirky, unique freeware games made by Swedish developer Cactus - his shooters, adventure games and experimental titles have a visual aesthetic that combines mathematical precision and unruly chaos, and their gameplay is tight, balanced and challenging."

Best Freeware Games by cactus 2007

  1. Akuchizoku
("Akuchizoku is a horizontal shooter which features three levels and three different pilots, two difficulty levels and two modes of gameplay. The difficulty adjusts the amount of bosses and enemies you get to battle.")

  2. Burn the Trash
("In Burn the Trash, your ship is equipped with extremely destructive weapons though the enemies are no easy targets either.")

  3. Clean Asia
("Part Warning Forever, part Tumiki Fighters, all style. In Clean Asia, the eyes of mankind has decided to leave their hosts and take over the earth.")

  4. Fractal Fighter
("Fractal Fighter is a vertical shooter by cactus which features a limited palette of only two colors. Each boss consists of different weapon parts that the player has to destroy in sequence, randomly created using a tree generation code.")

  5. Minubeat
("Minubeat is a rhythm shmup. You have to use bomb and defense in sync with the beat.")

  6. Mondo Medicals, Mondo Agency
("Mondo Medicals could be described as an illogical puzzle game played from a first person view, with plenty of bizarre elements... Mondo Agency is the sequel to Mondo Medicals, featuring character portraits by Cow and music by Aaron Kurtz.")

("MSOIDS is a simple arcade shooter with the mouse and keyboard implemented as part of it's control scheme.")

  8. Protoganda: Strings
("Players start out with three minutes of play time in Protoganda: Strings. Defeating a boss awards an extra fifteen seconds, while getting your ship blown up deducts forty. If the timer reaches zero, you lose.")

  9. Silent Chain
("In Silent Chain, touch the enemies without touching their orange spikes to bind them to yourself. The more connections you have, the more points you get when you connect or destroy another.")

10. xWUNG
("In xWUNG, you play by moving the mouse to swing a ball. The ball's attached to a wire, and both of them kill enemies on contact.")