- After the IGF organizers (including my good self) announced the 2008 IGF Audience Award, there's been a notable buzz around music-based puzzle title Audiosurf, which I've previously described as an "...original melange of F-Zero, Frequency/Amplitude, and Klax."

Anyhow, the NeoGAF forum has gone particularly gaga over the game (to the tune of 9+ pages of comments!) - a limited Beta weekend test of the title just finished, but there's still a limited public demo available.

There's delight over the diversity of MP3s that 'work' great with the game, and a massive amount of demo videos available on YouTube, with people trying a gigantic diversity of songs.

Looks like we'll have to wait for the next online Audiosurf Beta to get wide-ranging high-score tables back, but for more detailed impressions, Jim Rossignol previewed the game at Eurogamer, commenting: "Audiosurf's core concept is a remarkable trick, and one of those things that games do that seems vaguely magical to my stone-age understanding."

Oh, and a disclaimer - we're not advocating GameSetWatch readers to vote for any game in particular - actually, all Audience Award nominees are awesome, and it's going to be a super-close race. So go play/vote already.

[UPDATE: When Andy Baio at Waxy.org linked us up he added a couple of his favorite YouTube Audiosurf runs, and I was totally enchanted by how bouncy ELO's 'Mr. Blue Sky' is. In addition, the most frenetic clip I've seen so far (via NeoGAF) is for Sy & Unknown's 'U R My Phantasy', which is happy hardcore mayhem par excellence. Links to other notable song clips in comments are welcome!]