- Ah yes, some more GameSetLink-age, and there's various randomness all over this particular set. I particularly liked Emily Short's critique of Chocolatier 2, the latest PlayFirst-published casual PC title.

Why? Because it reminds me (and possibly you guys) how relatively sophisticated a lot of casual titles are getting, as they move into genres like adventure, empire-building, and RPG, adding more complex gameplay elements, but still staying startlingly accessible. Here's the relevant links:

Rock, Paper, Shotgun: Ron Gilbert Interview
Talking about Deathspank. Hurray.

Xfire Debate Club on 'The State Of Independent Games'
Online chat in a couple of weeks, with some interesting (sometimes obscure) left-of-center indie types.

Chocolatier 2 « Emily Short’s Interactive Fiction
Casual games like this are getting increasingly sophisticated, and sometimes I feel like commentators/developers aren't noticing. Please pay attention!

Subatomic Brainfreeze: Guys, I like Guardians
Obscure 1996 MAME-emulated 2D sidescrolling fighter - 'Though I loved Spikeout, I'd really like to see this whole genre make a big comeback'

Elder Game: MMO game development » Subscriptions vs. Microtransactions
Quoting Seth Godin: 'HBO, for example, is able to spend its money making shows for its viewers rather than working to find viewers for every show.' V. notable game industry comparisons.

Ian Bogost - Video Computer System
Didn't know Mr. Bogost was working on a book about the Atari 2600 - he's busier than me!

Cryptic Sea blog on Gish, Blast Miner deals.
Just $5, $10 respectively on Steam - good stuff!

Insomnia | Commentary | Sequel: The Videogame
So ridiculous (especially the Resistance: Fall Of Man bit) that it simply must be linked.

Some Underreported Game Development Trends (Magical Wasteland)
Some good picks here, including: 'We’ll be seeing more sequels that re-use assets and environments.'