- Ah, yeah, our various sister sites - particularly Gamasutra.com, of course - have been publishing a bunch of original interviews and features this week, and I wanted to particularly highlights a few here.

Some notables - a couple of neat interviews with Japanese developers (at Taito and Konami) from Brandon Sheffield, news from GDC and Game Developer magazine, a fun Game Career Guide piece on Halo 3, some more development-specific articles, and various other fun bits and pieces. Here's the highlights:

Revitalizing The Legacy: An Interview With Taito's Keiji Fujita
"Space Invaders and Bust-A-Move creator Taito is one of the seminal companies in gaming - but what are they up to now? Gamasutra talks to U.S. representative Keiji Fujita about the Square Enix-owned firm's success with Cooking Mama and its storied history."

Educational Feature: ‘How Halo 3 Changed Game Development’
"Does the Halo series measure up to other epic trilogies, like The Lord of the Rings, or is it nothing more than a set of really great games? A new article from sister education web site GameCareerGuide.com ponders how Halo has affected the mark of a successful game, as well as the nature of a successful relationship between developer and publisher."

Next-Gen Narrative: The David Braben Interview
"David Braben co-developed the seminal Elite, and his UK-based company Frontier Developments (Thrillville) is working on The Outsider, an espionage title intended to advance the art of game narrative. How? Gamasutra finds out within..."

2008 GDC Reveals Sid Meier Q&A, Dille on Transmedia
"As part of his latest Director's Cut post, GDC 2008 executive director Jamil Moledina has revealed a special Q&A featuring newly announced Game Developers Choice Lifetime Achievement winner Sid Meier, a Sims Studio session focusing on emerging gamer types, and game and television writer Flint Dille discussing the transmedia experience."

Translating World of Warcraft into a Tabletop Roleplaying Game: The Content Challenge
"What works and what doesn't when you want third-parties to extend your game world? In this exclusive article, World Of Warcraft tabletop-RPG co-ordinator Luke Johnson discusses how White Wolf worked with Blizzard to extend the massively popular franchise into RPG books.

Maya, UE3 Amongst Game Developer's 2007 Front Line Award Winners
"Sister print publication Game Developer has announced the winners of its 2007 Front Line Awards, inducting Autodesk's Maya into its Hall of Fame, and honoring Unreal Engine 3, PathEngine, and more."

Konami's Wii Wizard: An Interview With Shingo Mukaitoge
"Shingo Mukaitoge is a rising star within Konami, having spearheaded the company's original Wii titles Elebits and Dewy's Adventure, and Gamasutra sat down with him to discuss his roots, Wii development, and his upcoming projects."

Game Law: Development Contracts And 'New' Revenue Streams
"In his latest Gamasutra column, game lawyer Tom Buscaglia discusses the art of the game development contract, particularly focusing on making sure the developer shares ancillary revenue streams - from merchandise to in-game advertising - with the game's publisher."